Pluto Perfect (Html 5)

General Show for Schools (Flash)

Life in the Zone (Flash)

Astro Time Machine {Flash)

This presentation describes the application of astronomy in understanding archeological artifacts such as rock carvings, the pyramids of Giza, and the antikythera device.

4.6 Billion and Counting (Flash)

This presentation is about the Nice model, named after the location in France, which posits that our solar system was disturbed by the gradual migration of Jupiter, a disturbance which explains the eccentric orbits of planets, mix of asteroid and Kuiper belt objects, and record of major impacts.

Exoplanets (Flash)

Click here to see a presentation on exoplanets -- planets around other stars. This presentation was created before the launch of the Kepler probe and shows a cross section of planets discovered using the transit and radial velocity methods of detection. I've presented this show to the Julian Starfest on August 2010.

Climate Illustration

Earth, Orbit, and Climate (Flash)

The presentation loosely follows the first chapter of Ray Pierrehumbert's book, Principles of Planetary Climate, but also illustrates radiative balance as described in Trenberth et al.'s Earth's Global Energy Budgets. In addition to these main courses, the presentation also compares and contrasts atmospheric CO2 to water vapor, and ends with my attempts to understand how orbital forcing plus changes in the carbon cycle create and destroy ice sheets. This version contains the illustrations and lacks a narrative, which I'll be adding as I can. (Earth, Orbit, Climate for mobile Html 5)




Sun's Up (Flash)

A presentation about the sun with a special emphasis on the solar maximum occuring 2012-2014.

Saturn (Flash)


An Unusual Fascination with Pinhole Projections and Other Optical Analogies from my Time in Prism (HTML)