Graphics, Animations


I'm in the process of listing the animated graphics I've created using Flash, GIF, or HTML5 (SVG and Canvas).

Flash-based animations, requiring a Flash-enabled browser

Planet viewer (Flash). This animation shows Earth and a few other solar system objects as rotating spheres.
Eemian Earth (Flash). This animation shows my reconstruction of sea level during the Eemian interglacial.

Geo-Timeline (Flash). This animations shows Earth's 4.5 billion year history, with citations from articles on climate, geology, and evolution.


Earth orbit viewer (Flash) This animation shows the influence of Earth's changing orbit on climate.

Moon orbit (Flash). This animation shows the appearance of the moon over a month.

Lunar Eclipse: April 2014 (Flash). This interactive animation provides a sequence of images of the Eclipse of 2014. It also allows you to display the umbra and penumbra zones and show their movement over time.

Transit of Mercury, 2006 (Flash)
Planck Curve Viewer (Flash)
Diffuse Lighting (Flash)
  Coin Toss (Flash)
  Orbit Resonance (Flash)
  Orbit Resonance 2
  exoplanet inward migration
  Exoplanet Radial Velocity Detection
Global Temperature Escalator
Solar System (Flash)
Pluto System (Flash)
Kuiper Belt vs Oort Cloud Comets (Flash)

Antikythera pin and slot mechanism (Flash)

This animation uses Flash to illustrate elliptical orbit motion produced by the Antikythera Device's pin and slot mechanism.


GIF animations:

Solar Eclipse: May 2012 (GIF)
Solar Prominence (GIF)
  Phil, the phragmite
Lunar Eclipes, April 2014 (GIF)


Experiments in HTML 5 (Canvas, SVG, JavaScript)

Pluto globe

Antikythera wheel (html 5)

(Work in progress)

CO2 monthly measurements from 1970 to 2015


Paleoclimate graph (SVG)

Paleoclimate graph (HTML5 canvas)


Planck Curve (HTML 5)

  Sun graph (SVG)

Sea Level Graph (SVG)

Solar Irradiance

Solar Irradiance (SVG)

Glacier mass balance

Glacier Mass balance